Jo Malone bridal scent consultation review

Truth be told, I’m not really a perfume girl. I love fragrances, & spent a significant chunk of time as a teenager spritzing everything I could get my hands on in the Debenhams beauty department, but when it comes to splashing my own – limited – cash, I’d much rather drop £50 on a full face of makeup than a single bottle of Chanel No.5. So, when my Mum very sweetly bought me a Jo Malone voucher & suggested I book in for their bridal scent consultation, I was really touched but a little apprehensive.


The consultation itself is completely free & you can book in to your local Jo Malone store via their website. You can bring a guest & although I chose to go alone, I do think this would be the perfect pre-wedding activity to do with someone special.

The Jo Malone store in Edinburgh is really central, so I booked my appointment for one mid-week afternoon, assuming it would be a little quieter – the idea of being singled out in a busy store full of people sounded hellish. When I arrived, the shop obviously looked impeccable & although there were a few people around the atmosphere was still really chill, so I didn’t feel self-conscious.

As I was a little bit early, the assistant suggested I try out a few of the fragrances & take note of any which really appealed to me while she set up the consultation area at a high table in the corner. I wandered round the fragrance display & after a couple of minutes she called me over & we got started.


Over a glass of prosecco, she asked about our wedding – when was it, did we have a theme, what flowers were we using? It felt really natural, but as we talked she started pulling out scents which she thought might reflect what we had planned. We quickly ruled out the fragrances I definitely didn’t like – citrus & super sweet scents were out – & tested out a few of my favourites. Jo Malone really focus on mixing scents, so when I said I loved the Velvet Rose & Oud cologne but was worried it was more of an evening vibe, the assistant immediately suggested layering it with a lighter, floral scent to lift it & since peonies are my favourite flower, Peony & Blush Suede seemed like the obvious choice.

Once we had settled on my scent combo, we moved on to discussing which products would work best. She explained that their body washes have a more subtle but longer lasting fragrance, while their body crèmes are more intense, & the colognes are quite traditional. This is really useful when mixing scents because you can control the various levels – she cleansed my hands & arms using the Peony & Blush Suede body wash, & then massaged in the matching body crème. Finally, she added a spritz of the Velvet Rose & Oud cologne, & I was obsessed. We also tried out the dry body oil which was incredible, but in the end I decided that I’d get more use out of the body crème & colognes.


Once we were done, the assistant took the products I’d selected to the counter & let me have another wander around the space. Obviously Jo Malone’s candles are legendary, but they also have some beautiful hand creams & soap sets which would make perfect gifts for members of your wedding party.


Once I was finished, I arrived back at the counter & the same assistant began to wrap everything up, which she did beautifully. She also added in two small samples – one of the Sea Salt & Sage cologne which I had mentioned loving despite it not feeling quite right for our wedding, & one of the hand creams which I gifted to a friend.

As this was my first trip to Jo Malone, I’m not sure how standard this is & suspect their generosity was at least somewhat related to the fact that I’d just dropped a good chunk of cash on products, but it was sweet regardless & I honestly can’t fault the service.

They also offered to set me up an account which tracks your purchases, meaning if you every run out of a fragrance & can’t remember which one you’ve previously bought they can let you know. Despite the fact that I probably won’t be back for a while, I said yes, & I’ve since received invitations to a couple of in-store new collection launches which is a nice touch.


Maybe it’s because I’m just not used to luxury brands but I was totally charmed by Jo Malone & would happily recommend the bridal consultation service to anyone. Obviously, with it being such a personal experience, it’s going to be dependent on the staff in-store but I definitely got lucky with the assistant I saw, & if you can afford to treat yourself then I think it’s a really lovely experience if you could do with some space in the run-up to your big day.


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