After 25 years on this planet, I’m pretty much convinced that November is the cruellest month. It’s cold, & dark, & long. Everyone is broke & tired. This November I had a full-on meltdown during which I told multiple people I wanted to die & then followed it up with lol so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. Literal hell.

Thankfully, I’m out the other side & #thriving (jk), so I thought I’d take some time to reflect on the not so awful things that happened during November.


cardigan (similar)  |  gold velvet skirt  |  boots (similar)


I posted one of my favourite ever outfits on this blog. I got seasonal AF nails after feeling super shitty about how fucked up my previous set of extensions were. I was gifted this stunning lingerie set from Figleaves which I’m hoping to shoot this weekend. After months of hardcore saving for the house & wedding, I finally got to invest some money in some super cute homewares to make our space feel more personal. I got into astrology memes & the instantly got offended that no-one cares enough about pisces to make memes about us. I bought a little airplant duo at a market & pledged to take actual adult care of them. I ate an incredible brownie. We got our wedding photos back & loved them. I joined the plus size culotte gang. I was interviewed by Yahoo about being a plus size bride.


This is not to say November was OK. But, through a blend of self-care, cheesy chips, & more #treatyoself purchases than was financially advisable, I survived & sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

Photos by the ever-lovely Lianne.

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  1. Really loved your outfit and the theme of this post. Sometimes surviving really is all we can ask for and it sounds like you’re doing a fabulous job. Keep focusing on the things that matter! I’m sure you will be a beautiful bride and hope you will share the photos when the time comes.


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