Six Plus Size LGBTQ+ Creatives You Should Be Following

This year, to celebrate Pride I wanted to take some time to highlight some of my favourite plus size LGBTQ+ creatives. The queer community isn’t immune to fatphobia or eurocentric beauty standards, but these influencers have carved out space for themselves & others online, while also using their platforms to demand change on issues like LGBTQ+ youth homelessness, mental illness & police brutality.


In true, self-indulgent style, I also wanted to take some time to chat about my own experiences as a queer, fat femme.

For me, my queerness is about my sexuality but it’s also about so much more. It’s about the way my heart overflows with joy at the depth & breadth of human gender & sexuality; it’s about the pride I feel when I see someone fighting back against oppressive social norms; & it’s about the anger that burns when the most vulnerable & marginalised members of our community – trans folk, POC, sex workers – are pushed out to create an identity which is more palatable to mainstream society.

This Pride season, I feel truly blessed by all the iconic queer folk who share their lives with me, whether in-person or online – so, here’s to us.


Below are some of my favourite plus size LGBTQ+ creators. I’d really encourage you to check out their blogs & follow them on social media – doing so has absolutely enriched my life & made me a better human.

1  //  Nicolette Mason

Nicolette is queer girl goals like you wouldn’t believe. Obviously, I love her style but what keeps me coming back is her ability to balance a really sleek aesthetic with a strong personal voice. Nicolette is proof that being authentic & genuine are the keys to success.

2  //  Marquis Neal

Marquis is the king of androgynous style with a femme twist & his Instagram – which is part fierce selfies, part everyday outfits, & part impeccable high-aesthetic shoots – never fails to inspire me.

3  //  Alysse Dalessandro

As the glowy, Italian angel behind Ready to Stare & the chronically under-appreciated #DopeAtAnyHeight campaign, Alysse Dalessandro has been making waves in fat positivity for as long as I can remember. She mixes it up style-wise but her killer smile & unapologetic confidence are always there.

4  //  Lottie L’Amour

This list wouldn’t be complete without Lottie. Her style is the perfect mix of timeless classics, sporty athleisure wear, & more daring pieces which I love, & it doesn’t hurt that she’s a total sweetheart – always lifting others up as she continues to grow.

5  //  Jari Jones

Some of you might recognise Jari from this Buzzfeed article where they were transformed into their icon, Grace Jones. If that doesn’t ring a bell, then let me introduce you: Jari is a genderqueer performance artist, photographer, & creative with killer style & the cutest smile. Definitely worth a follow if fierce looks are your thing.

6  //  Margot Meanie

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Alternative plus size fashion can be tough to find but Margot’s effortless witchy vibes consistently take my breath away. As well as blogging, she runs a Youtube channel featuring clothing hauls, makeup reviews & vlogs, & the Instagram page #alternativecurves which I love.


If this post made your heart beat faster & your palms are feeling a lil sweaty, I’d strongly recommend checking out Qwear – particularly their Qwear Crushes posts (part one & part two).


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