The Ultimate Guide to Plus Size Black Jeans

Today’s blog post focuses on a topic near & dear to my heart: plus size black jeans.

Maybe not the most exciting subject, but as a fat girl who wears black jeans on a near daily basis I’ve got a lot of #feelings about the options out there, so I thought I’d pull together a list of some of my favourites & why I love them.

Sweater  |  Jeans  |  Shoes (similar)

This is one of my go-to outfits at the moment. It’s casual & minimalist, but the tie-sided sweater from ASOS gives it a bit of a twist – I love that you can adjust how high you tie it & how you distribute the ruching, which totally changes the shape. I’ve styled it here with jeans & heels, but was inspired to purchase it by Danie who wore it with a pleated skirt & trainers – a completely different vibe but still stunning.

Anyway, on to my run-down of the best plus size black denim…


1 //  The holy grail: Dorothy Perkins’ Black Fly Front Jeggings

  • Cost: £26
  • Size range: UK18-28, plus longer lengths


These jeans are my go-to for when I want to feel sleek, stylish & put together – they’re what I’m wearing in all these photos. They hug my body in a way which is firm but not restrictive, the waist is nice & high, & there’s no visible colour fading or bobbling after multiple washes. They also don’t seem to shrink in the wash or stretch out with wearing, something that I’ve encountered with a lot of other jeggings.


A couple of the reviews for these jeggings criticise the small sizing & I would say these come up a little slimmer than other jeans I’ve tried, although not dramatically so: I can still comfortably wear a UK20, although I might not pick them if I was going to eat a big dinner.


2 //  Close second: ASOS Curve Ridley Skinny Jeans in Clean Black

  • Cost: £25
  • Size range: UK18-30, available in a 30, 32, or 34 leg


The ASOS Curve Ridley jeans have been my go-to style for years. I love the cut: skinny but not restrictive, loads of stretch, & three different leg lengths (yeees). The sizing is a touch more generous than the Dorothy Perkin’s jeggings meaning no stress if I eat an extra bagel (or five).


I’m honestly struggling to think of any. Probably the only issue would be that these do fade relatively quickly in areas where there’s a lot of wear, like on the waistband & between the thighs. Not necessarily an issue if you’re wearing them casually at the weekend, but potentially a problem if you’re trying to find professional looking denim for work.


3 //  Marks & Spencers Cotton Rich Super Skinny Jeggings

  • Cost: £22.50
  • Size range: UK18-32, plus three leg lengths


I actually don’t love the fit of these M&S jeggings, but I do know that folk with larger stomachs can find jeans a nightmare, so I wanted to highlight these as a potential option. The sizing is really generous, especially around the waist, making them perfect if you usually find jeans dig into your belly. They also deserve an honourable mention for how well they hold their colour – even after multiple washes they’re still a true black & there hasn’t been any fading, even in high friction areas.


If, like me, your waist is significantly narrower than your hips, you may well find these jeggings too loose, an issue which isn’t helped by the slightly lower waist & minimal stretch. My only other complaint about them is the texture which seems to attract any fluff or hair in a 90 mile radius – not ideal if you’re a pet owner or have blonde hair – if you do buy these maybe consider investing in a lint roller.


4  //  New Look Curves Black Jeggings

  • Cost: £19.99
  • Size range: UK18-28, available in a 28, 30, or 32 leg


Super stretch & the lack of fly on these jeggings mean they’re wildly comfortable – perfect for lazy weekends or quick runs to the shop. They’d also be great if you find zips & buttons difficult to manipulate, or if traditional jeans irritate the skin on your stomach. As a petite girl, I have a lot of love for that 28 inch leg option, even if I do still have to cuff them (if you’re aware of anywhere that does plus size jeans in a 26 inch leg please HMU).


Although New Look’s jeggings have a lot of stretch, making them comfy once on, they do run a little small meaning getting them on can be a bit of a challenge. I also think the highly elastic content is potentially to blame for how badly these fade – even after a couple of washes mine were a patchy grey. Granted, there are lots of tricks for preventing fading & you can always re-dye denim, but if like me you’re looking for a clean black then maybe these aren’t the jeans for you.


Those are four of my favourite plus size black jeans, but if you have recommendations for other brands or styles I should check out then let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter.


  1. Love this guide, thank you! I struggle to find a skinny jean that both stays up at the waist and has a very skinny ankle. I’m in the midst of ordered a shed load of denim to try out as I usually wear the Evans super skinny jeans but for some reason they have the weirdest smell and I’m totally fed up of it. Do any of your choices move around a lot through the day?


    1. All these options have a lot of stretch so tend to stay in place during the day and don’t get loose or baggy – the only exception would be the M&S ones which are more of a soft denim and a little looser.


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