Monochrome Plus Size Style with River Island Plus


Sunglasses  |  Top (similar)  |  Belt  |  Jeans  |  Boots

I keep going back & forth on whether or not to post these photos, so rather than continue to dither I thought I’d just go ahead & tell you why.

Around a month ago I was lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely Robyn who was looking for someone to interview & shoot as part of a University project on diversity in the media. I was beyond hyped, not only to chat to Robyn but also to have the opportunity to have blog photos taken by someone else, outside my back garden. It was a lovely experience but when the photos arrived my heart sank. They look fantastic but seeing images of myself from different angles & taken in a situation where I had no control over how I looked has fucked me up.

I’ve come such a long way in my self-love journey (#proud) but there’s still that little bit of insecurity that creeps in & says this is what you really look like. Maybe it is & that’s OK, but I just haven’t quite made my peace with it yet, y’know?

Maybe in a few days/weeks/months I’ll share the photos that Robyn took but for now let’s talk about this banging outfit (& enjoy some classic back garden tripod shots).


Statement sleeves are everywhere at the moment & I am loving it. This top from River Island has unfortunately now sold out but there are loads of similar options at a range of price points (including this one from M&S which is OTT AF in the best possible way). My only complaint is that the sleeves could be a touch shorter – a little bit more wrist could go a long way in balancing out the oversized ruffles & reducing the risk of embarrassing sleeve in soup incidents.


I also want to chat about these incredible black jeans from Dorothy Perkins. I’ve been thinking of doing a run-down of the best & worst black denim because I am a connoisseur but spoilers: these are my new favourites. They’re the perfect combo of jet black, stretchy but not saggy fabric, & the ultimate petite girl holy grail: short leg length options. I’m wearing them in a UK20 & they’re a little bit tighter than my usual ASOS Ridleys but in a kind of nice, everything feels secure way, y’know?

& finally, a quick shout-out to these pink velvet boots which I will not shut up about over on Twitter. They’re currently just £19 which is wild considering I spent £38 on them so you should head over & snap them up ASAP (then tweet me so we can be boot buddies).

I’ve been thinking of talking more about self-love & fat positivity on here so if you enjoyed this post definitely let me know by leaving a comment below or hitting me up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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