Which beauty products should you be picking as your free samples?

As a girl with a healthy but limited beauty budget I’m all about getting value for money whether I’m picking up new products or repurchasing old favourites. Sometimes that means finding affordable dupes or waiting until the product you want goes into the sale, but what if your favourite foundation (hello, Estée Lauder’s Double Wear) is just pricey AF?

Then you gotta get that value from your free samples.


Loads of sites now offer free samples with orders & Feel Unique’s massively underutilised Pick ‘n’ Mix service offers up to 5 samples for just £3.95 (plus handling), along with a voucher of equal value for the site (making them basically free). But which samples are worth picking up & which products should you just ignore?

  • Skincare – High-end skincare can be pricey, so use your samples to double check you like products before you buy. Avoid making snap judgements though as you’re unlikely to get enough of a product to make a noticeable difference to you skin, so focus on elements like scent, texture etc.
  • Foundation – Colour matching foundation can be a nightmare & normally you’ll know within 24 hours if a formula is going to work for you, so why not pick up a few samples to test out? Not all online stores offer samples of foundation, but almost all beauty counters & stores like Space.NK do.
  • Travel – Already got a skincare & beauty routine you love? Why not use your free samples to pick up mini versions that are perfect for nights away or travelling. Not only can you save yourself from either carrying around your full-size products or spending hours decanting cleansers & toners into tiny bottles, you can also create a ready-packed beauty travel bag meaning you’re always ready to go.
  • Fragrance – I know some people like to stick to one or two signature fragrances, but I’ve literally never met a perfume I don’t like, so I love having lots of samples on hand (as well as in every feasible bag & pocket). Almost all high-end brands will offer fragrances as part of their free samples & it’s a good way to test out scents, particularly newer ones, before you buy.
  • Treats – I have a relatively basic skincare routine but that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally love throwing on a face mask & following it up with a super intensive moisturiser. This isn’t a regular thing so there’s no point in me buying full-size products as I’ll never use them up but samples are perfect for a chilled out spa evening.


Are you a fan of free samples? Which are the products you just can’t resist picking up mini versions of again & again?

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  1. I like the idea of samples for things like fragrance foundation etc but i find sample skincare like moisturisers, serums dont work because you need to use them over a period of a month before you see any improvement so yeah apart from that i love a sample x



    1. Totally agree on the skincare samples but I still think they can be useful – I recently bought a new cleanser which was described as being similar in formula to my all time favourite. Turns out they’re nowhere near similar & I’m stuck using up a full-size cleanser I don’t love…


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