10 Things You Probably Need to Hear this January

January can be a tough time for even the most body-positive babe, with non-stop targeted diet ads & everyone from family members to co-workers insisting on telling you how they just want to get healthy, so I wanted to take some time today to tell you 10 things you could probably do with hearing as we start 2017.


  1. The first step towards taking care of your body is to appreciate & respect it
  2. You are neither too much nor not enough
  3. The concept of beauty was designed to make you feel bad about yourself – it is deliberately exclusionary
  4. You do not have to listen to other people’s diet talk
  5. If you’re waiting until you have the perfect body you will be waiting forever
  6. You do not need to earn food
  7. Not everyone wants to lose weight
  8. Even medical experts are influenced by fatphobia & diet culture
  9. All food nourishes & replenishes you
  10. You are worthy of love

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In all January’s chat about guilt & self-improvement (which I’m not actually opposed to necessarily, I just struggle to believe weight-loss is important or interesting enough to warrant being anyone’s top priority) please remember to take care of yourself in whatever way feels right for you.


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