The Best of the 2016 Online Christmas Sales & How to Shop Them

I love a bargain, & at this time of year there are deals to be had absolutely everywhere, but I often find myself getting overwhelmed, stuck in a cycle of checking sites but never quite committing – what if there’s a better deal out there?

If that sounds familiar, never fear, I’m here with a run-down of the best sales around, plus my top tips for making the most of them.

I’ve broken the sales into categories to make it even easier to find what you’re looking for & if there are sites that you think are missing just let me know in the comments.

Christmas Gift Collage Square.jpg

How to get the most out of the Christmas sales:

  • Don’t be blinded by discounts – During the sales it’s easy to be drawn in by major markdowns & lose sight of what really matters, the items themselves. Yes, that jacket is just £15, down from £60, but if you won’t wear it it’s still a waste of money. My key sales targets are either everyday items I know I’ll get use out of (like pairs of the ASOS Curve Ridley jeans which I wear daily) or items which I’ve had my eye on for a while but haven’t been able to justify the cost of (hello, Navabi shirt dress).
  • Don’t compromise – If the item you had your eye on is out of stock it can be tempting to start bargaining – why not just size up, it’ll be fine! green’s not my colour but I’ll make it work! Stop. That way lies only disappointment & a wardrobe full of clothes that you never wear because they don’t feel quite right. If it’s gone, it’s gone – cut your loses & move on.
  • Don’t be afraid to double down on discounts – Often marked-down items won’t be eligible for student discounts or other voucher codes but it’s always worth a try, & don’t forget to use a cashback site like Quidco, particularly if you’ll be making big purchases like homewares or tech.
  • Be organised – The sales are a great time to finally get your hands on that key piece you need to complete your wardrobe but with so many sites offering similar items at a whole range of price-points it pays to shop smart. I’ll often use a list-making site like Wantfeed to keep track of everything I’ve got my eye on & categorise my items so I can easily compare my options.
  • Use the filter option – While it can be tempting to spend hours scrolling through pages & pages of discounted items, I generally find doing so makes me zone out super quickly. Instead I use the filter tools to ensure I’m only seeing items that are a) available in my size & b) fit my style (which for me means black, grey, white or pink). You can also use the filter options to make sites more manageable, for example by focusing on skirts & dresses if you know you’ve already got enough denim to last a lifetime.

Here are my sales picks along with some top tips for each store.

Plus-Size Style

  • ASOS is the big one & while I haven’t placed an order yet there’s lots of items that are really tempting. Keep an eye out for major discounts on shoes & accessories, as well their new plus size men’s range.
  • New Look have really upped their plus-size game recently & I couldn’t resist picking up a few sale items, including this sweet velvet cami for just £7.
  • Elvi is my go-to brand for on-trend pieces – especially for work – but their pricing is often a little out of my budget. Enter their up-to 50% off sale which is full of gems, including some of the most lusted over pieces from this year’s Hayley Hasslehoff collection.
  • Honourable mention goes to Simply Be. I always find Simply Be’s site a nightmare to navigate thanks to the sheer quantity of items & the massive variation in styles, but there are rewards for sticking it out, like this pink PJ-style blouse for under £8.



  • The SpaceNK sale can be a dangerous thing but I often use it as an opportunity to try out higher-end skincare products. You can also get great deals on pricey candles & more unusual nail polish shades.
  • The Illamasqua sale is small but perfectly formed with individual items, palettes & sets discounted by up-to 50%.
  • If you’re looking for discounted beauty items don’t forget about the big department stores. Debenhams have some great deals on everything from fragrances to skincare to makeup, & they stock loads of big-name brands like Benefit, Estée Lauder & Too Faced.
  • I tend to avoid the post-Christmas sales on places like BeautyBay as I find the higher-end items rarely get discounted, but there are great deals to be had like these half price Anastasia Beverly Hills contour pans.

Oliver Bonas Big Bubble Diamond Vase Rim.jpg

Home & Lifestyle

  • Ever since we moved into our new house in September, Oliver Bonas has become my kryptonite. Their normal pricing isn’t outrageous but definitely not something I can afford every day so the sale is a good opportunity to pick up some pieces I’ve had my eye on for a while – I’d particularly recommend their candles & bath bombs.
  • On a similar note, the sale at Anthropologie is the perfect place to pick up some little treats for yourself or someone you know. It’s particularly worth taking a look at the Christmas-related items like this cute travel mug as they’ll often have the biggest discounts & you can just pack them away for next year.
  • If you’re looking for necessities like kitchenware or new bedding it’s definitely worth checking out the Marks & Spencer sale. These little trinket dishes are super sweet & there are loads of discounted Christmas tags, ribbon & cards.

What have you been eyeing up in the sales & what are your top tips for getting the best discounts? Let me know in the comments below.

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