Plus Size Weekend Style with Adidas

I‘ve spoken a couple of times before on this blog about the pressure – as both a blogger and fat woman – to always look like you’ve “made an effort”, & I’m definitely guilty of giving off the impression that I’m constantly wearing new clothes & pushing the boundaries style-wise, so today I wanted to share a more casual, laid-back look that has basically been my weekend uniform for the past couple of months.


I’ve wanted one of these classic Adidas Trefoil sweaters for ages but the women’s range only goes up to a UK16 & despite the slouchy fit there was no way that was going to work. Then one day I figured why not check out the men’s range & discovered that their sweaters go up to a 2XL. Firstly, I was pissed because fuck the idea that it’s OK to dress larger men but not larger women, then I realised this meant I could totally fulfil my sweater-based dreams & I was hyped. I’m wearing a 2XL here & as you can see it’s still super oversized on my UK20/22 body – it could easily work up to a UK24/26, depending on your preferred fit.

In the past I’ve avoided oversized sweater because I was worried about “looking fat” but fuck that, this sweater is warm, cosy, & allows me to get dressed in record time for everything from late night McDonald’s runs to weekend brunch dates with friends. Perfect for Winter when warmth becomes my top priority whenever I leave the house.


I also wanted to give a quick shout-out to these New Look jeggings. I’m still an ASOS Curve Ridley jean girl at heart, but these are around £10 cheaper & have loads of stretch making them great for pulling on when you’re in a rush. I also think these hold their colour better than the ASOS jeans which is a big deal for someone who basically only wears black denim.

Jacket – River Island  //  Sweater – Adidas  //  Jeggings – New Look  //  Trainers – Adidas
2If you follow me on social media you’ll already have seen me talking about this stunning faux shearling aviator jacket from River Island Plus. It’s a little bit pricey at £85 but is fully-lined making it outrageously cosy, & has lots of details – like the buckles & straps – which make it feel more high-end. I did size up to a UK24 & although it maybe makes the jacket feel a little less sleek, it does mean I can easily wear a sweater underneath & still zip it up. Obviously because it’s suede it’s not ideal for wet Winter days but it’s easily warm enough to be your main cold-weather coat .


At the same as I bought the Adidas Trefoil sweater I also couldn’t resist picking up this pair of classic Adidas Gazelles (also from the men’s range). I never had brand-name trainers as a kid – my Mum thought they were a total waste of money – so I definitely felt a bit rebellious when I added them to my basket, but they’ve proved to be a great buy. Not only are they perfect for slipping on when I need to run out to the shop, but the black & white colour-way also means they’re smart enough for wearing around my (pretty casual) office too.

Which items do you find yourself wearing again and again on the weekends? & how do you feel about bloggers only showing off their most stylish outfits? Let me know in the comments below.

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