Review: July’s Papergang Stationery Subscription Box

I first reviewed Papergang – the new stationery subscription box service from Oh Deer! – back in April & since then the service has gone from strength to strength so I thought it was time I checked back in & did another unboxing post.

Papergang Stationery Subscription Box Ohh Deer


A quick run-down in case you missed my last post: Papergang is a subscription service from stationery giants Ohh Deer. For just under £10 a month you get a boxed filled with cards, notepads, pencils, prints & other papery goodness delivered to your door. The boxes generally have a loose theme (sometimes colour, sometimes an artist or illustrator) & most of the items are exclusive to Papergang (although they’ll generally be listed on the site after a month or so, good for when your friends get jealous).


Papergang Stationery Subscription Box Ohh Deer


This month’s box included: three cards (thumbs down for the cultural appropriation tiger); a little clipboard & calendar sheet for August; a pencil which has “on point” stamped in gold on the end; & three small, blank notebooks which I’d already taken into work when I took these photos (you can see them on Instagram here). These notebooks are hands down my favourite thing I’ve ever received in a Papergang box & I’ve had so many compliments on them, with my friend’s partner even signing up after seeing them.


Papergang Stationery Subscription Box Ohh Deer


If I’m being honest, this probably isn’t my favourite box I’ve received but then that is kind of the nature of subscription boxes – I’ve yet to find a service where every box is a winner. That being said, I feel like the quality & consistency of Papergang is still way above any of the beauty boxes I’ve subscribed to in the past, & I won’t be cancelling my subscription anytime soon.


Papergang Stationery Subscription Box Ohh Deer


As always, if you like the look of Papergang & fancy signing up yourself I’d love it if you used my referral link– I’m currently just one referral away from getting a free box thanks to a couple of readers who’ve already signed up, so thank you!


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