Zoeva En Taupe Palette Review & Swatches

I’ve been holding off on purchasing beauty items recently as my partner & I are trying to save up for our first home (more on that in another post) but just before Christmas I decided to treat myself & pick up Zoeva’s En Taupe eyeshadow palette since I’d been eyeing it up for a while. Thankfully I didn’t have to feel too guilty as all Zoeva’s palettes retail for around the £15 mark on BeautyBay making them much more affordable than high-end brands like Urban Decay or Nars.

The packaging of the palette isn’t anything special, but the cardboard combined with the lack of mirror does make it super light & the closure is secure enough that I’d feel happy travelling with this in my bag – a big plus considering how versatile the combination of shades are.

The theme of the palette is obviously taupe, but there’s a good range of shades & finishes making it a good go-to palette if you’re looking to do a neutral look. Overall, I think the quality of the shadows is good, especially considering the price, but there are a couple of weaker shades which I’ll note below. This palette is certainly worth considering if the cost of Urban Decay’s Naked palettes make you sweat but you want a higher quality product than high street brands can offer.

The shades from left to right are:

    Stitch by Stitch – Matte white shade, perfect as a brow highlight on lighter skin tones, or as an eyeshadow base. A little chalky, but nothing that can’t be avoided by tapping off your brush before use.

    Handmade – Duo-chrome golden peach shimmer with good pigmentation. Similar to Makeup Geek’s Foiled Eyeshadow in In the Spotlight.

    Gallery – Matte mid-tone taupe grey. I found this shadow to be light on the pigmentation & not particularly buildable.

    Hour by Hour – Matte dusky pink-brown, perfect as a transition shade. Again, I found this shadow to be lacking in pigmentation, although it was buildable.

    Old Master – Matte warm grey with gold micro-shimmer, great for a lighter smoky eye.

    Spun Pearl – Frosty white shade, perfect as an inner corner highlight on a more dramatic eye look. 

    Sheers & Voiles – Duo-chrome light grey taupe with pink flash. This was the least pigmented shadow in the palette & barely shows up on my skin tone, although it did become more opaque when applied with a wet brush. 

    Outline – Perfect bronze-taupe, easily the stand-out shadow in this palette with super high pigmentation. 

    Wrapped in Silk – Lilac-taupe with foiled finish. Only slightly less pigmented than outline, & perfect for a glam daytime look. 

    Exquisite – Matte burgundy-plum, great as a crease shade in a darker look. Slightly patchy but easily buildable.

    This isn’t necessarily the most unique palette on the market but I do think it fills a gap between high street & high end brands, & the quality is what I’d expect from a product in this price range. It’s also great to see Zoeva’s products becoming more easily accessible here in the UK, & I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you’re looking for a mid-range brand with reliable quality.


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