Fatshion February Day Four

Blazer – Dorothy Perkins // Top – ASOS // Necklace – New Look // Trousers – ASOS // Shoes – New Look
I was dithering a bit on posting this outfit; after all, even with the best will in the world, mirror photos just feel a bit amateur. I really love this look though, so I’m just going to ditch my ego & share.
I bought these trousers last Autumn & for a while they hung untouched in my wardrobe. I knew I loved the shape – ASOS’ tube trousers are unbelievably comfy & perfect for my figure – but the pattern had me stumped. Patterned tops seemed out of the question, bright colours made the whole look feel a bit childish, but equally neutrals felt too plain.
It wasn’t until I bought this blazer from Dorothy Perkins recently that the trousers found their match. The forest green lifts & adds some character to the black & white pattern of the trousers, but still feels classic & put together. Honestly, this blazer is one of my favourite items of clothing at the moment so no doubt it’ll appear again later in Fatshion February.

I also think this necklace helps to keep the whole look feeling youthful. I bought it at the end of the summer for a big job interview which I aced, so it now feels like a lucky charm.
As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this look & if you’re participating in Fatshion February remember to leave your links in the comments below.

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