Fashion is Political: Dr Martens Release "Assange" Boot

I’d actually been eyeing up buying a pair of Dr Martens boots for a while, especially having just moved into a flat where I’ll be walking at least some of the way to work each day (in the Scottish Winter too, ugh). However, after their latest announcement I won’t be buying a pair, & I’d encourage you to avoid them too.

Dr Martens have released a new take on their classic men’s boot & following on with their tradition of naming new products after famous personalities they’ve named this style… the “Assange”. As in Julian Assange, the man currently hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in order to avoid charges of rape in his native Sweden (as well as charges of espionage against the US).
By choosing to name their latest boot design after Assange Dr Martens have at best over-looked his behaviour & at worst have implicitly endorsed it, & that is completely unacceptable.
Assange is not a hero, & there’s nothing punk about celebrating those who abuse women. I’d encourage Dr Martens to #standforsomething & rename the boots, & I’d encourage all of you to #boycottDMs until they do so & offer an apology. If you’re looking for alternatives then Solovair look pretty cool (I’m super tempted by their double monks).

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